Discovering our rivers: Canoe or Kayak?

Sailing on fresh water, feeling the wind caress your face and observing the nature around you... an incomparable aquatic adventure! But before you get started, do you know the difference between canoeing and kayaking ? We'll unravel the mystery for you! Will you choose canoeing or kayaking?


Canoeing: L'Explorateur des Rivières

Imagine a canoe gliding gently over the surface of a tranquil river. The canoe, with its open design and single-bladed paddle, is the tool of choice for river explorers. Designed to accommodate several people, it offers generous space for carrying gear or even taking your four-legged best friend on an unforgettable adventure. 

Perfect for a relaxing family day out or an exploratory expedition, canoeing lets you cruise at your own pace, admiring the Haute Saônois landscapes as they roll along the banks of the Ognon.

Kayak: The Agile Navigator

Now, turn to kayaking. Imagine gliding over the waves of a river, deftly manoeuvring your two-bladed two-bladed paddle. The kayak, with its its closed, streamlined design, is the tool of choice for thrill-seeking adventurers. Designed for one person for professionalsHowever, it can also be equipped with 2 seats for novices. We offer Sit-On-Top kayaks for rental (1 or 2 seats), which are self-draining (holes in the bottom for easy water drainage). They are made ofa double layer of plastic between which we find air, allowing it to stay on the surface.

 Kayaks offer a faster, more agile boating experience. Whether you're looking for the adrenalin of rapids or the tranquility of a river ride, it lets you challenge the elements with style and ease.


The Canoe or Kayak Difference: Paddles and Postures

So what's the difference between these two iconic boats? It's all in the details! The canoe is manoeuvred with a single paddle, while the kayak uses a double paddle. We've written another article here about the best way to hold the paddle for kayaks and canoes.

What's more, the seated position (as in a chair) is the norm for canoeing, whereas kayakers generally sit with their legs stretched out inside their kayak.

1-seater kayak, 2-seater kayak, enclosed kayak
Sitting canoe

Now that you know the difference between canoeing and kayaking, which will you choose for your next water adventure with PAN? Will you opt for the leisurely exploration of a canoe, or do you prefer the speed and agility of a kayak? Whatever your choice, one thing's for sure: a day spent on the water will be a day of pure happiness and connection with nature. So grab your paddles and let the adventure begin

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