Canoeing, mountain biking, running: pushing your limits, feeling alive.

We are not all superman... but we run!

it's decided: you make good resolutions! Once a runner, always a fun runner! Participate in the Trim'athlon and compete in the Best Costume category!

Suffering... a little!

A good preparation is essential... And sometimes it is not enough. Our teams are there to help you in the hardest times! But the real resource : a mind of steel and a great teammate!

Best young person

The Trim'athlon honors all its participants: best youth, best senior, best team...

Authorized speeding

Sprinting, walking... The important thing is to participate. But be careful not to arrive too late, otherwise your safety is not guaranteed!

Start of the day!

The regulars know it: you have to run but also leave on time!
On your marks, get set, row!


The watchwords: good mood and conviviality! After the prize-giving ceremony, there will be a dinner dance. Laughter and good mood guaranteed!


Median Race 9 km
Elite Race 9 km


Median Race 17.5 km
Elite Race 24 km


Median Race 7 km
Elite Race 14 km

For your training, check out the routes below via Google Maps:

Photos - Trim'athlon 2024

Here are the race results for this 29th edition of the Trim'athlon of Villersexel! 

Congratulations to all! Thank you for your participation in the joy and good humor!

See you next year for the 30th...

MÉDIANE and ÉLITE race results - TTV 2024